Our Diamonds


Mati Jewelers takes diamonds seriously. We commit ourselves to finding the perfect diamond to fit your needs - taking every aspect into account, from the 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carats), to your preference of cushion cut, princess cut, oval cut, heart, or more!




The cut of a diamond can be one of the most important aspects in regard to it’s ability to reflect light, and therefore, how brilliant the stone will shine. We take the cut of our diamonds seriously, so we can provide the most quality jewelry around!



The color of a diamond affects it’s quality and fluorescence. There is a large range of color between various diamonds - ‘colorless’ being considered the highest quality. As diamonds range to having more color, they typically begin to have a yellowish or brownish hue.



The clarity of a diamond affects what’s typically referred to as ‘flaws’. These flaws can be caused by imperfections on the inside of the diamond, called ‘inclusions’, or on the outside, called ‘blemishes’. These can affect how it looks and it’s durability.



Carats are the standard unit of measurement for gemstones. Contrary to popular belief, carats measure weight, and not size. The shape of a diamond can affect the size versus the weight of the diamond - so one shape may be a different size, but same weight, as another.