Here at Màti Jewelers, we are endlessly passionate about what we do, and you’ll see this in the quality of our jewelry and in the services we offer. Nowhere else will you find this level of expertise, dedication, or professionalism. Whether you’ve turned to us to design a custom piece that will stay in your family for decades or need to repair a special watch that needs the finesse of an expert, you can trust in the care that Màti will provide.

Custom Design
Expert Jewelry Repair
Watch Services & Repair
Jewelry Appraisal

Watch Services & Repair

Màti Jewelers is now offerings local watch services and repair by certified Watchmaker Jesse Nall. Jesse is a graduate of Lititz Watch Technicum and a Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century (CW21).

Jesse is available in our workshop for private consultations and is also available at our Uptown store every Thursday for FREE watch inspections, cleanings, or if you just want to talk watches.

The Factory

Exquisite, timeless jewelry is handmade—crafted by artisans whose life’s passion is to create flawless pieces meant to be passed down by generations. If you’re looking for jewelry with unparalleled quality, turn to Màti.